Cemtec Rasps

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€ 18,86/pcs for normal and € 28,33/pcs for Plus+ – in 6 pack

These are high quality rasps with affordable pricing. Developed together with several clients, these are truly customer-made products! Quality wise these rasps are comparable with the best in the market. High quality, long-life rasps that does not clogg and has an excellent price/performance. Both rasps have one fine file side for smooth finish. The 14” Plus+ rasp is extra wide 60 mm with 8 teeth/row. Save time on every horse with +30% more cutting surface!

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Description 14” hoof rasp  / 14” Plus+ hoof rasp
Dimensions 14” 430 (including handle) x 44 x 7 mm  / 14” Plus+ 430 (including handle) x 60 x 7 mm
Teeth 6 teeth / row 8 teeth/row
Weight 580 gram per pcs   /  820 gram per pcs

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