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Customer-made nails manufactured with the highest ambition: Top quality with affordable pricing!
E nails are an all-round nail suitable for most horses, shoes and sport disciplines.
E slim nails have an extra long and thin shank for higher nailing and to better fit the thinner hoof walls.
JC nails is a long neck nail with long and thin blade. Head is facet grinded for a deeper nail hole fit.
All these nails are European style of nail that fit perfectly in most V-fullered shoes

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Sizes & Dimension
E E slim JC
Size mm Size mm Size mm
E2 42 ESL2 45.5 JC1 49
E3 45 ESL3 47.5 JC2 53
E4 47.5 ESL4 51
E5 51 ESL5 54
E6 54

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