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”We have used the Cemtec™ product for over 2 years and I’m more than satisfied. They convince with quality, by perfect usability in hot and cold forging. The value for money is unbeatable. Customers, horses and all 10 farriers in our company are very enthusiastic. ”
Lutz Ottofülling, Team Ottofülling, Germany

™”The biggest dimension of Professional model, CEMTEC™​ is not only heel supporting but also very easy to fit into hoof and correctable balance of within and without of hoof. Of course, I use other manufacture’s horseshoes but I am sure the best of horseshoe which is easy to make a balance of within and without is CEMTEC, Professional model. I believe that good balanced hoof reduce failures and make performance up. Therefore, I would like to benefit from CEMTEC horseshoe for perfect balanced horse hoof.”

Toshifumi Joe, Japan

”I find Cemtec™​ shoes easy to work with and affordable. During my 32 years as a farrier I have worked with many different brands and types of shoes. I would say that in todays market, Cemtec™ would be hard to beat with regards price performance and ease of fitting. Great shoes!”

Barry O Driscoll, Ireland

”With Cemtec´s new product range have they realy successfully created products that benefit both farrier and horse. With an excellent fit of nail and shoe this is a product that I recomend every farrier to use. I could, as a farrier with 47 years experience, recomend Cemtec´s range of shoes as professional products.”

Lars Berg, Sweden

”Cemtec™​ is the best alternative for your horse. They give high service level and always keep what they say. We feel comfortable in doing business with Cemtec™. We also appreciate that the products come in such excellent boxes. They are sturdy and very elegant”

Hameed Al Saadi, Al-Jazira Equestrian Center, Saudi Arabia

”Cemtec™​ shoes is of high and even quality, and has a nice finish! The nice range of shoes and good net for distribution give me as a farrier a reliabel and keen partner in Cemtec™. This is an agressive company that constantly strives for improvement and development for the sake of farriers and horses best interest.”

Richard Troell, Sweden



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