Our history

The horseshoe market was in the beginning of 1990’s dominated by 2-3 players. At that time Cemtec´s founder, Kaj Wehtje, worked for a German company focusing on trading, outsourcing and alternative production solutions. He believed that the oligopoly market of horseshoes with high prices could be better served with competition and therefore founded Cemtec™​ in 1993. The first years he ran Cemtec™ alone, working night and day, with just a few customers that shared his vision to bring an alternative to the market. Many of these first customers are by the way still our customers after all these years.

In the beginning of 2000 the hard worked paid off and new customers was lining up. A major breakthrough was when some international customers joined us. Our business outside Europe also raised our self-confidence. We realized that we really could do it.

During 2005-2010 a lot of time was invested in the market and in product development. Our range expanded with several new products and the market gave us positive feedback regarding our price performance ratio.

Since the start Cemtec™ has had several proofs of our concept. We also believe that our values of honesty, being strait forward and customer friendly has helped us. Our strength of being a good listener has led to that “Customer-Made” is the most important principle at Cemtec™. Listening to customers preference´s is the key to our success. We continue work closely with our customers worldwide to satisfy their needs. And we are not done yet. Our vision is to be the first alternative as well as the most loved brand in the farrier industry!



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239 30 Skanör
Phone: +46 (0)40 47 24 00
E-mail: info@cemtec.se

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