Our product range

We are a market-driven company, developing products with a strong focus on our customer´s needs. All of our products are developed in direct cooperation with our customers.

Where to buy

You will find our products with distributors and large retailers in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Since we value the relationship with our customers worldwide we have chosen not to list these companies on our website. If you want to know in what countries and from which distributors, wholesalers and retailers you can by our products, please contact us and we will be happy to supply you with this information personally.

Standard products

Our standard products are kept in stock and produced on a regular basis. Almost all the products that you can see on our website are standard products.

Customized products

Depending on your preferences we can offer you great flexibility when it comes to different types of customization of our products.

Private label

If you have an ambition to develop a range of products of your own with some type of exclusivity we are open for your ideas on how we could help you develop, manufacture and supply such products.

If you would have any ideas on how we can improve our products or if you feel that our product range could benefit from some new products, please contact us and let us know.



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